this is for the school of advanced studies. Please carefully, check grammer and the flow of the documents .
write a 1,200 word paper that compares two or more philosopher’s views on an epistemological topic, concerning myself and organizational leadership. In addition to exploring the most important similarities and differences between the two sets of views, assess the extent to which the philosopher’s views do the following: reflext my concerns, indicates avenues of epistemic exploration that merit further study, and apply to the opportunities and challenges I face as a doctoral learner, reseacher, manager, and leader. Consider a broad sectrum of eras and approaches when formulating the response. Note: While preparing the assignment, you may it valuable to create a matrix showing how you plan to compare the approaches to epistemology and their implications for you as a scholar, learner, and practitioner. This paper must be in essay format, but you my inclulde and reference the matrix. Format paper with the consistent with APA guidelines.Need Two or more sentences. Books required, epistomology. the classic readings by Cooper 1999, epistomology by Feldman 2003, human knowledge, Moser, and Vander 2003, knowledge emergence by nanaka and Nishiguchi 2001, and other books etc. that is applicable.