You are asked to develop a comprehensive case management plan for a terminally ill client. You may choose to write a plan for a 65 y/o man who is dying of congestive heart failure or for a 32 y/o female who is dying of ovarian cancer.

Be certain to include the following components in your case management plan:

Describe the model of case management that you are using to construct your thoughts and plan.
Identify actual resources in a local community that are available to contribute to your holistic plan of care. Describe what resources are lacking in your a actual local community. Discuss how you might be able to obtain the resources that are lacking.
Discuss who will be involved, in what way, and in what timeframe.
Explain how all of the care from the team will be documented.
Describe the role of case management in end of life care.
Explain how case management will be evaluated.
The textbook for this course is:

Cohen, E., & Cesta, T. (2005) Nursing case management: Advanced practice applications (4th ed.) Philadelphia: Mosby

Discuss how the team will protect themselves from litigation.
You have the freedom to invent other aspects of the client’s case (eg. the type of support system had by the client, the medications he/she is taking, etc.)