(20 marks equal to 20% of your final mark for this subject)
This assignment consists of two tasks. Your marks for this assignment depend on your successful
completion of both tasks.
Task Description Deadline
1 Essay Writing 14 marks To be decided by local lecturer
2 Collect Essays To be decided by local lecturer
Peer Essay Marking 6 marks To be decided by local lecturer
Task 1:
Essay Description
The first task is to write a scientific research essay of length 3,000 to 3,500 words with the following
title and submit it to your local lecturer by the deadline. The topic and title of your essay is
Operating systems have two main functions. The first is to provide resource
abstraction and the second is to manage resource sharing.”
Your essay will need to cover the two sections A and B as detailed below. After researching the topic,
you may decide to concentrate more on one particular section of part B rather than others. You are
free to do this, as long as you cover all sections, at least to some degree. Keep in mind the marking
scheme given at the end of this document.
Write your information and explanations in simple, easy to understand English. You must assume that
your reader has a very limited knowledge of operating systems. Most importantly, it is ESSENTIAL to
SUPPORT your statements with the references that you used to write the essay. You may use the
textbook as the starting point for the material you need, however the essay will be deemed
unsatisfactory in standard if the textbook is your only reference.
A. An Introduction covering
• What is an operating system?
• An explanation of the term resource abstraction with examples
• An explanation of the term resource sharing with examples
B. A more detailed discussion of how both resource abstraction and
sharing are accomplished by an operating system with respect to the
following topics
• Process handling
• Memory Management
• Input and Output
• File Management
• Security
It is appropriate to give examples from different operating systems, such
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Unix and Linux
To do this scientific research essay, you need to take the following steps
1. Begin collecting relevant books and materials. Start reading, remembering to take notes. Be aware
of the publication dates of the materials you use, particularly if you eventually want to cite and
include them in your bibliography.
2. The style that all students are expected to follow in their essay referencing is called the APA
system. Go to the following Victoria University library web site
to obtain the style guide
3. It is expected that you follow the instructions in this guide when citing your references. There
is a wealth of free information available via electronic medium. You may cite this material, as
well as texts, on condition that you do so in the manner indicated in the style guide.
4. Start writing and summarising the relevant material you have collected IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
Support your statements by using quotes where appropriate and giving credit to the author(s) of the
works you use.
NEVER QUOTE OR CITE any reference YOU have not read AND have made notes on.
Note: Therefore, it is a good idea to print out the front page of any web sites that you use, as well
as the inside page of any text (with the publishers’ details and copyright) that you have read for
this essay. Should there be any doubts about the authorship of work that you hand in, YOU WILL
Task 2:
Your essay needs to be typed in Times New Roman font, point 12 size. Headings may be point 14 in
size. Printed versions (see below) MUST be printed on plain white paper.
The due date for the submission is on or before the deadline. Your submission needs to be handed in to
your local lecturer. You will submit
• a hard copy (printed) INCLUDING your name and student number
• three hard copies (printed) WITHOUT your name and student number
• an electronic copy, disc or CD of your research essay
The second part of task 2 is to collect from your lecturerm three anonymous essays that were written
by your classmates. You are expected to read and mark these according to the marking scheme that is
detailed at the end of this document. You need to return these essays, together with the completed
marking by the assigned deadline. Failure to complete this part of the exercise will result in a penalty
on your essay and your mark will most likely be withheld.
Your mark for the essay writing component of the assignment out of 14 marks will be decided after
your lecturer assesses your work in consideration of the three marks and comments it receives from
your classmates.
Your mark for the peer essay marking will be decided by your lecturer. They will evaluate the care,
detail and accuracy of your assessments of the three anonymous essays and score your efforts out of 6
Marking scheme for essay submission
Content 14 marks
A. An Introduction covering
• What is an operating system
• An explanation of the term resource
• An explanation of the term resource sharing
2 marks
B. A more detailed discussion of how both tasks are
accomplished by an operating system, give
examples, with respect to the following topics
• Process handling
• Memory Management
• Input and Output
• File Management
• Security
7 marks
Organisation of material presented
• Material is logically set out
1 mark
Accuracy of information
• Information is correct
• Information presented is appropriate to topic
2 marks
Appropriateness of references
• Suitability of references quoted
• Sufficient reference material quoted
• Conforms to Harvard style
1 mark
Suitability of language
• Clear and concise language used
• Work presented is obviously the work of the
author***** if you have any doubts about
authorship of the essay you are marking
please bring to the lecturer’s attention.