Introduction to Operating Systems
Assignment Name: Unit 1 Individual Project
Deliverable Length: 2?3 pages
Imagine that you have been hired as an IT consultant and have been asked to write a recommendation for an OS. This start-up company primarily develops games and has approached you to recommend an OS for its 25 employees who use desktop PCs. The primary purpose of the desktops is game development. Keep in mind the following requirements:
?The company needs an OS that is easy to manage, upgrade, and maintain.
?Employees have expertise with both Linux and Windows.
?The company is trying to keep costs down.
?The company values speed, security, and compatibility.

Assignment Details
?Identify the needs of the organization.
?Identify the OS that you recommend. ?With your recommendation, include a rationale as to how this OS will address the needs of the company.
?Provide specific details about what the OS you have chosen can do, including specifications.

Objective: ?Define the necessary components and functions of an operating system