Is originality possible, and from where do concepts of originality emanate?

Task ideas

Use provided sources. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES other than your head and the one’s provided below

? Unoriginal genius,

? everything is a remix part 3( watch a video. I provided a link).

? It’s Not Plagiarism. In the Digital Age, It’s ‘Repurposing to support your argument

Ecstasy of Influence

You need to use three quotes from these texts( all together) or more( You can use ideas from the video as well). Please relate your ideas to these texts.

All these articles will be provivided

My thesis( You can change it if you strongly diasgree. If you come up with a stronger one, then feel free to change it)

Originality is not impossible. However, there is very little room for imagination left since ideas have been circulating for a long time. Instead, I believe that people have a wrong understanding of what originality really is. In people’s understanding originality occurs only when someone comes up with a completely new idea. My understanding is different from people’s understanding as I belieeve that originality is creating a new perspective on an old idea.

Please try to avoid using any other sources. You can use your ideas, but you must properly cite three ideas from these sources

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