Organizational Structure

Your election to the post of Sheriff has convinced you that the county expects you to re-organize a dysfunctional department. You plan to start with the very basics and will reconsider the way that the department is structured and managed. You have agreed to create a report for the county commissioners, to earn their support for your reform plans.

Your report should be in a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document which covers the following points:

First, reprint your mission statement at the top of the report, then:

Part 1?Structure

?Explain what is meant by formal and informal organizational structure.

?Show how this concept relates to a law enforcement agency in particular. For instance, does a formal structure create any problems in a criminal justice agency? Are there areas within the department that need to be formal?

?Describe how the structure of the department will impact communication (Manager-to-staff, staff-to-manager, communication among officers, communication between the department and outside organizations, etc.).

Part 2?Management

?Discuss the pros and cons of participatory management in a law enforcement department. Include a mention of how participatory management might affect staff morale.

?Explain the goals you intend to set for your deputies as well as the overall department. (Hint?Increased arrests may not be as important as community satisfaction and lower crime rate). Ideally, your goals should be consistent with your mission statement.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Analyzed formal and informal organizational structure and defined it.

Demonstrated how organizational structure impacts the operation of a law enforcement agency.

Described and provided analysis on how organizational structure impacts communication.

Examined the role of participatory management in law enforcement.

Explained appropriate goals for deputies and overall department.

Written components.