I request the writer “INFOCEO” for this paper.

My written assignment for this week will cover two of the course Learning Outcomes**

** Define the role and function of the field of organizational development with a focus on organizational development, and training and development.

** Define the interrelationship of the areas of human resource development and organizationaldevelopment

With these learning outcomes, please creatively Answer the questions below in your own creative writing..

1. Does it make a difference if OD is viewed as a standalone field or as a subset of another field? Why?

2. Why is it important to determine the clients “readiness for change “before entering into a contract? Please discuss some of the implications.

3. Identify some of the advantages and disadvantages of working with an internal person who is different in demographics from you as an OD professional?

The book for this class is “Organization Development Principles,Processes,Performance” Gary N. McLean (chapter 1 thru 3)

Please call if any Questions