The research paper is based on operant conditioning and classical conditioning. The “virtual” rat is in a operant chamber and our research paper is based off of our findings.

“ Sniffy” Research paper. You will design two-three classical or operant conditioning experiments and write your paper using APA format and style. In addition, you will need to find at least one (1) review paper that provides the background for your experiment. Exercises in Sniffy the Virtual Rat can give you ideas for experiments. In addition to the design of the experiment and the results, your paper might address the other questions:

•What is the significance of this topic? (or, Why would anyone bother to conduct those experiments anyway)?

• Does your data provide evidence for or against the theoretical explanations in this area?

• How does Sniffy behavior relate to human behavior and thinking?

These questions are suggested to focus your thinking. You are neither limited to them nor required to address each one. Unlike “ traditional” term paper, “Sniffy” paper should concentrate on design of your experiment and the results, as well as on the implications of the results.

websites that explain about the virtual rat, Sniffy:

Sniffy Lite 2.0
A realistic digital rat in an operant chamber (Skinner Box), for his ability to give students hands-on experience in setting up and conducting experiments that demonstrate the phenomena of classical and operant conditioning. Users begin by training Sniffy to press a bar to obtain food. Then, they progress to studies of more complex learning phenomena. Throughout each, a series of “Mind Windows” enables students to visualize how Sniffy’s experiences in the chamber produce the psychological changes that their textbooks discuss in connection with learning.

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