This is actually an analytical report. An analytical report discusses a problem and causes of that problem.

My topic/problem is the U.S. newspaper industry and its decline–losing money

The causes of losing money are: Internet/free content, declining revenue from printed advertisements and possibly competition from other mediums (or better information you may find)

Please provide an introduction, then the causes of newspaper decline in the body.

Please organize the report in technical numbering format (1.0 Heading [the cause] 1.0.1 [supporting information], etc.(the sub-headings should be indented:

Please insert at least two or three graphs/tables/charts as part of the supporting information

Please place page numbers at the bottom

Also: I only need 4 pages of text. For the other two pages please provide:

A letter of transmittal:which includes the purpose (to add knowledge to the media field); to mention that I have met met my requirements; methods of research, and emphasize the findings from the report.

A preface: Similar to the transmittal, but for an audience (the audience: Journalism Department students and faculty).

Thank you very much