I have to use turnitin in this assignment, and only allowed 10%.
Discribe patient with multiple pathology, but choose one which I have chosen COPD and one aspect which is oxygen therapy.
The essay will be divided into three sections:
Accessment of the patient part 2 explanation of underlying pathophysiology of the selcted aspect of care
part 3 the provide evendent base anlaysis of the nursing interventions for selected aspects of care

Part 1: The candidate should provide rationale to justify his/her choice of the aspect of care. Giving reasons why this is a priority. This will be approximately 10% of the essay.
Part 2: The candidate should provide an explanation of underlying pathophysiology of the selected aspect of care. This will be approximately 20% of the essay.
Part 3: The candidate will provide an evidence based analysis of the nursing interventions for the selected aspect of care. This will be approximately 70% of the essay.
Safe Practice
Students are reminded that safe practice must be thoroughly demonstrated in assignments and examinations. Assessments with evidence of unsafe practice will normally be referred.
Students are advised to undertake wide reading and during this the following areas should be covered:
1. Possible aetiology of the medical condition they have been admitted with, whilst recognising the issues related to multi-pathology.
2. Anatomy and physiology
3. Pathophysiology/ signs and symptoms
4. Common tests and investigations
5. Principles of the nursing care and medical/surgical management
6. Psychological and sociocultural factors eg body image
7. Law and ethics
8. Relevant drugs/pharmacology
9. Involvement of other members of the multidisciplinary team
10. Appropriate health promotion/patient teaching
11. Discharge planning.
Time will be allowed during the unit to discuss and prepare for the assignment.