This is a two part assignment but the two work together.

The product being discussed is SmellGreat??”a fragrance that adjusts to a person’s body chemistry. Its latest slogan is “SmellGreat on your next date.”

Part 1:
You’re doing a practice run to explain the media costs in your buying brief or buying overview section of the plan with your colleagues. Next week is the big day where you’ll present the final plan to your brand’s client. You are anticipating some tough questions about your media selections relative to costs in light of a very tough economy. Further your brand’s revenues are down two percent this year.


In preparation for some of these tough questions, recommend a television commercial buy for your client. Look up a national, regional or local station by following this link Your buying target is adults aged 18-49. Your plan’s objective is to achieve 50% reach of the target audience in each quarter of the plan year. Your budget for television advertising is $2 million for the full year which can be evenly allocated per quarter of the calendar year.

Justify the plan creating by discussing the following questions:

Why is the buying overview or brief so important to the plan?
How do you justify the rationale of this commercial when the brand’s revenues are down two percent?

Part 2:
Finalize the flow chart section of your media plan. Use the media checklist to make sure all media selections include the timing method, the cost of the media and the rationale for each media against the target market. Make any final adjustments on the flow chart if necessary.

Remember, the buying brief/overview includes:

Your designated buying target
A summary of your plan’s objectives
A summary of the key plan strategies and rationale
Your detailed media requirements
Budget breakdown and media cost parameters
Your media market and merchandising strategy
Next, polish and organize your final media plan. Write the:

Executive Summary??”this is a 1-2 page synopsis that highlights your plan.
Situational Analysis??”this section includes an analysis of the marketing objectives and strategies, a competitive analysis, the creative history of the brand you’re selling, the target audience, any information related to geography, timing and purchasing cycle and information about the media mix.
Creative Brief??”this page includes defining the creative strategy with the communication objective, brand’s position in the market place, any other marketing information such as the tagline or slogan.
Media Objectives and Strategies??”this includes the target audience and media mix, reach and frequency/GRPs, scheduling and timing, the media budget, geography and other promotional programs.

Use the following checklist as you finalize the plan.
The Media Strategy Media types include a brief rationale. How are the media selections related to the media objectives?
Media Plan Recommendations and Rationale
In determining the budget, remember the following media planning factors: TV recommendations need the rationale for each selection with CPM comparisons and demographics.
o Program types
o Commercial unit length
o GPRs and totals per week and month throughout the year
o Spot TV markets and rationale If you are recommending magazines, what type are they (women’s magazines, news, etc.)? What is the rationale behind including CPM comparisons and demographics? If you are recommending a newspaper, have you included market coverage and rationale? What newspapers are you suggesting? How many insertions will you have, and what are the sizes of the ads? If you are recommending radio, did you include the rationale for the length of the commercials and GRPs (gross rating points) per week for the month or the year? What markets did you select if you are recommending outdoor advertising? What are the numbers of showings per market? What are the reach and frequency figures for each media selection?

Media Schedule Is the flow chart complete, showing the schedules by week and month for the entire year? Did you remember to explain scheduling methods such as seasonal, continuous, flighting, and pulsing?
The Budget Include a budget recap sheet to show totals of each media class and the percent of your budget allocated to each selection. Include a cost summary table showing each vehicle, number of newspaper insertions (or GRPs for broadcast), and costs for the year.
General Format of the Plan Is the plan organized? Are the data sources included? Long tables should go into the appendix section. Proofread your plan.