Indian masks dance,Seraikella Chhau dances.Themes
Themes in Chhau dances.Movement Patterns
Tribal Masks
The third group
The basis of Chhau dances in the martial art ‘parikhanda’ (pari=shield, khanda=sword) is of special interest. In two other regions of the country, namely Manipur in the northeast and Kerala down south, several traditional and classical forms have their basis in the martial art traditions. In spite of high degree of Stylization, the movements and body postures in Chhau retain strong martial Character. The link with parikhanda is so close that all the dance terminology, which in the local Oriya language and not in Sanskrit, is common with the terminology of parikhanda.
Movements,The conception and design of a mask.
Rituals,To impart a sense of mystery .
Three categories,Three main categories of masks and masked dances are those of the Ramayan tradition, of Buddhist tradition and tribal masks.