I”d like to request a 10 page paper. At mimimum It should have a TITLE PAGE, ABSTRACT, DESCRIPTION OF FINDINGS OF RESEARCH, BIBLIOGRAPHY (Using APA guidlenines for reference citations appendix 3-A). Double-spaced with 1-inch margins (top, botom, and sides). See outline below. Please let me know if you need me to provide more reference material.
“A review of successful marketing techniques”

I. Marketing Definitions
a) Building Brands definitions www.marketingprinciples.com/articles.asp b) Tim Cohns definition www.marketingprinciples.com/articles/asp
II. Marketing on the web a) Banner ads b) Interactive advertising
III. Media advertising a) Radio b) Television
IV. Outdoor advertising a) Billboards, b) Signs, c) Transit
V. Print advertising a) Newspaper, Brochures
VI. Maintaining Competitive Advantage a) Non-profit sector example, b) For profit sector example
VII Conclusion – strong reiteration and summary

If you require anything else, please let me know. I really appreciate all of your help during this tough time.