Literature Review (20 points)
Keeping abreast of the current literature in the field of organizational leadership and other related areas is essential for administrators, supervisors, teacher leaders and those of you who aspire to become leaders within your organizations. Books and other resources selected for this course present only a few examples of leadership theories, leadership styles and visioning. There are many others, as you are about to find out.
The first purpose of the literature review is to give you an opportunity to broaden your knowledge of the field by writing a review of 12-15 scholarly resources about the three main topics of this course: leadership theories, leadership styles, and visioning. It is recommended that you choose primary research sources such as recent books and current professional journal articles. Websites of professional organizations, annual conferences and well-known leadership centers (i.e. Harvard University Center for Leadership, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Drucker Foundation) also provide relevant and current information.
The second purpose of this assignment is to prepare you for the much broader literature review you will have to write for your dissertation. Considering that each of you will have an adviser assigned at the beginning of this program, it is never too early to begin planning for this culminating activity.
Select resources related to one, two or all three main topics of this course: leadership theory, leadership styles and visioning, and create an analysis as a continuous and related narrative. Your review should include the following information, as a minimum.
• State the main point or purpose of the selected resource.
• Explain how the information contributes and strengthens the field of organizational leadership.
• Create an overall summary at the end of the literature review indicating what you learned about the topic/s.
• Provide a reference list using the current APA format of all resources used in the assignment.
You should write in the third person and link the sources in a continuous flow of ideas. Additional information about how to do a literature review will be posted in the Resources area of the course. Expected length of the assignment is eight to ten pages. Remember to use correct APA 5th edition form and style thought the assignment. Information about most common APA issues is provided in Appendix A of this syllabus. Harris and Galvan texts recommended for this course will also serve as valuable references.