Your task is to interview someone that meets the following criteria:

• Was born outside of the U.S. and Canada
• Who is at least 18 years old
• Who has been in the U.S. for not less than six months and not more than eight years

The interview should be conducted on a face-to-face basis (i.e. not by email)

Part 2: Questions to Ask Interviewee

Interview Questions:

Please report on the responses to the interview questions. It is expected that your answers to Questions 1 & 4-8 will be a paragraph of at least seven single-spaced lines (about 80 words), answers to Questions 2 & 3 will be at least 40 words in length, and answers to Questions 9 & 10 will be at least 160 words in length. Therefore, you will need to “probe” the interviewee for complete and interesting answers. Answers that are too terse will not be accepted, so you might need to find another interviewee if you cannot obtain complete and thorough responses. Here are the questions:

1. Please describe the expectations you had of the U.S. before you left your country. Specifically, what did you expect to find here in terms of the people, the culture, and the lifestyle of the United States?
2. What were some of the things that you most looking forward to prior to coming to the U.S.? (E.g. seeing or experiencing something).
3. Were you anxious or nervous about anything at all before you came to the U.S.? What?
4. What aspect of the U.S. culture most surprised you?
5. What aspect were you least comfortable with? (People, situations etc)
6. In what ways are your own culture different from that of the United States?
7. Have you ever been offended by someone while in the U.S.? Briefly explain what happened.
8. If you were to offer advice to a resident of the United States about how to more effectively deal with foreign-born visitors, students or citizens, what would it be?

Part 3: Reflection
These two questions are to be answered by the person conducting the interview:

9. Did anything surprise or concern you about what you were told?
10. Any “lessons learned” about other cultures?

Note: The last two questions are the most important part of the paper. These answers should be comprehensive, thorough and insightful. An answer like “nothing really surprised me” won’t suffice.