This week, you will analyze the contemporary issue of overpopulation from the perspective of theories of identity and freedom. You should quote or paraphrase from specific pages in the course text J. Chaffee?s The Philosophers’ Way, to support your claims about philosophical ideas and concepts using correct APA citation. The following should be included in your analysis.

1.A thesis that clearly states your view on the issue, which is that the world is becoming overpopulated, and how philosophy is being used to analyze the issue. Analyze the relationship of world overpopulation to philosophy.

2.Facts, information, and perspectives from the news articles, which are attached, that support your argument.

3.Facts, information, and arguments that challenge your perspective and why they are ultimately unpersuasive.

4.Cite the two news articles you chose in Week 1 , which are attached to this order and the Chaffee text, correctly formatted in APA style.