(A) Look at how (through imagery? through figurative language? through sound devices? through tone? through setting and/or mood?) three (3) of the poets represented below convey generation-based perspectives in their
poems, OR (B) Reveal how the generation- based perspectives in three (3) of the poems are similar.

Choose one of the topics above on which to write a well-organized essay controlled by a clearly stated THESIS as the final sentence in the introduction paragraph. Make sure your essay contains at least six (6) quotations from the poems you examine and that the quotations are included grammatically, accurately, legitimately, and gracefully.

Whichever topic you choose, compose a thesis (a unique claim) that unifies your composition.

Dylan Thomas— Do not go gentle into that good night —1951
Linda Pastan——-Go Gentle—————-1982
Emily Dickinson—I heard a Fly Buzz—when I died —1862,1896
Marilyn Nelson Waniek—Emily Dickinson’s Defunct——–1978
Elizabeth Bishop——–Sestina——————1965
William Blake———-The Lamb——————-1789
William Blake———The Tyger———————1794
Gwendolyn Brooks——-We Real Cool——————1950
Robert Frost———–Birches————————–1916
Seamus Heaney ———-Mid-term Break—————–1966
D. H. Lawrence ————-Piano———————–1918
Li-Young Lee ——I ask my mother to sing————1986
Sharon Olds ——–Rites of Passage ——————-1983
Percy Bysshe Shelley ——— Ozymandias ————-1818