1. Explain what steps you would take to avoid conflict and misunderstanding with others in the work place, thinking particularly about students and colleagues from othercultures and backgrounds.
2. Identify and list 4 communication skills that may be effective in your school.
3. List the 6 elements that can effect how you send or receive a message.
4. Why are different traditions accepted in your school?
5. Give an example why it is important to share LOTE(language other than English) and/or others‘ experiences of living in other regions or cultures.
6. Explain the reason for reporting potential problems/ issues rather than waiting for an actual conflict to occur.
7. Who would you approach if you were unsure what steps to take to resolve a problem/ issue?
8. list 3 considerations you would make when planning an “under eights” activity day to ensure effective and socially culturally appropriate outcomes. You may choose another similar type of activity to describe if this question is not appropriate to your situation.
9. Discuss with your supervisor a way in which you have communicated with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Make notes on how this communication supports working in the school environment and assists in avoiding misunderstanding and conflict. Identify some of the communication skills you used.
10. Use an example of a school policy, newsletter or other documentation and discuss with your supervisor how the needs of different groups were met. Clarify how consulting with workplace, stakeholder and community groups ensures effective and socially and culturally appropriate outcomes.
11 Why have computer-based technologies become available to many more people than was previously the case?
12. What technologies have provided an alternative to written books
13. Why is it important to have a strategic plan for implementation of new technology?
14. What factors could influence the choic of new technology?
15. What factors influence productivity and effciency when introducing new technologies to the workplace.
16.The school has asked you to respond to the factors that you would consider when introducing a new technology to your workplace. The new technology may be an application that has recently introduced into your school/classroom. You may use the following questions as headings or not use headings at all if you prefer to use report format.
> What technology improvement is expected?
> What are the associated financial costs?
> How long will it take to implement the use of the new technology?
> How well will existing resources and procedures support the introduction of the new technology and what changes may be necessary?
> What are the benefits and possible wider costs to the work place?
> What policies and procedures will need to be adopted or revised as a result of the introduction of thr new technology?
> What role will you play in the adoption of the new technology?
> What training may be need to be orrganised and for whom will it be necessary?
17. Record an example of how you have used new technology that is currently being implemented in your classroom. New technology may include current programmes such as Microsoft Words, Excel or PowerPoints.
18. Conduct a breif interview with a colleague relating to the fairly recent introduction of a technology resource. After conducting the interview and reflecting upon the information gathered, breifly explain whether the introduction of the new technology resource was appropriate. WHY? Why NOT?
19. Some examples of current changes in technology were staff meetings, professional development, specific recording formats etc. record two of the current changes in technology below and briefly explain:
a) Current change:
b) How this change was shared with colleagues.
c) When and if these changes will be implemented. If not, why not?
d) How the school implemented the change into the classroom and/or school.
20. Discuss the main points listed with your supervisorin relation to the topic:”The impact of technology in your work place”. Record the responses collume a “Benefits”: colume b “Considerations”:and at the bottom your discussion on these topics.
> The current technological changes that apply to the classroom/school
>The impact technology will have on effective work performance within the school
> The changes in equipment and/or technology throughout the school over a period of time
> The effects of technology on current work practices
> The ways of upgrading skills to include the use of new technology
21. Discuss with your supervisor how your workplace may:
>Continually apply informal and/or formal research to update knowledge of any subsequent new technologies that may impact on work practices.
> Monitor current changes in technology and implement those changes when required.
> Share updated knowledge with colleagues as appropriate, and incorporate information into day-to-day work activities.
Explain your notes on the discussion.