FINAL EXAM: due by December 13th. Please cite to your readings for support. Each portion of an answer should be a responded to in a well written paragraph or two.
Choose three of the following three series of questions to answer from Part I.
Part I–Drugs
1. LSD and Club Drugs

1a. What is LSD and what are ?club drugs??
1b. What is the relationship between LSD and so-called ?club drugs??
1c. How would you describe or characterize the use of club drugs in this country over the last two or three decades? What does the research data say about current trends in their usage?
1d. What (if anything) surprised you about the use of LSD and club drugs today?

2. Stimulants

2a. What definitions are associated with the four stimulants noted in chapter 9 of Goode?s book? (i.e., Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Cocaine and Crack) Briefly define each.
2b. Of the four stimulant drugs, which one has become most widely used for legal, medical purposes? Briefly discuss its uses and abuses.
2c. How advanced has research become in terms of using stimulant drugs to effectively address medical conditions like ADHD and ADD? What does the current research suggest?
2d. What (if anything) surprised you about the use of stimulant drugs today?

3. Heroin and the Narcotics

3a. What is heroin and how does it relate to morphine and opium?
3b. What countries are known to supply these drugs to the United States?
3c. What prescription drugs are derived from so-called ?opiates? and what are their primary uses?
3d. What (if anything) surprised you about the use of narcotics today?