Please write a 2-page essay using the content below on the topic of how I grew / matured from my experience of going through my mom getting cancer. Please make the essay creative and compelling.

As I transferred to H school, I struggled to adjust into academics and new environment. My grades were not as high as those of my friends and started to have pessimistic view about my grades. Though I was having hard time, I made many friends and enjoyed Hun. I always hung around with friends, went out to town on weekends, and played a lot of sports. Unfortunately, I gradually became languish about academic part of sophomore year and got stressed. Without thinking about bring my grades up, I became lazy and failed to acknowledge about my lack of effort but blamed myself that the school works are just too hard to accomplish.
After I knew
Though my mom always had few surgeries on her ovarian, she always seemed to be fine. My parents were also as stressed as I was, since they knew how much I was striving in new school and encouraged me that I can go through this hardship. Not getting motivated by their encouragements, I did not change my sluggish attitudes. One day, I heard from my uncle that mom had ovarian cancersurgery and she did not want me to know. I felt miserable and thought that my attitudes made her to suffer mentally and physically which caused her to become sick. Regretting but being angry at myself, I started to see every surroundings with full of hatred. During that period, I probably considered myself as one of the unluckiest person in the world.

Fortunately, mom happened to find out about her cancer in stage 1 and received cancer right away. Even though she was not fully cured, she recovered quickly. At first I refused to talk to her since I made her sick, but after I spent my spring break in Korea with her, my view totally changed. Despite the fact that I was effortless in school and made her to always worry, mom forgave everything and kept supporting me to have optimistic and active mind. After all, I have extracted my habits which were overlooking important details but only seizing things that are entertaining. I studied harder to make justify myself that I still have hope to fix errors that I have made and overcome drawbacks. From spring sophomore year and last junior year, I lived deliberately and did not procrastinate any important works. My grades from last year reflect how much I have changed, and I am very encouraged by such accomplishment that I am willing to keep up my optimistic and painstaking characteristics.

From this significant period of my life, I have gained priceless lesson. If I have the eagerness to do something, I can accomplish those goals. Having learned this lesson, I now manage my schedule deliberately and always try my best to finish everything on time. During 18 years of my life, I believe this way is the only key to succeed.