Research institutions are contracting selected clinical trial tasks to external companies. This practice is known as “outsourcing,” and the organizations that perform the tasks are known as contract research organizations (CROs). Outsourcing is becoming increasingly prevalent, and CROs are often located outside the United States. In this Discussion, you will analyze this trend and extrapolate the impact outsourcing will have on the future of clinical research.

To prepare for this Discussion:

? Review the Learning Resources for this week.
? Consider the following statement: Many pharmaceutical firms are now outsourcing certain sponsor responsibilities for the conduct of a clinical trial to CROs.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a comment about the following.

? Why do pharmaceutical firms outsource some clinical trial responsibilities to CROs?
? Are certain tasks better suited to outsourcing than others?
? Which tasks would you outsource and which would you choose to retain within the company?