The paper should be 10 pages, not including a title page or bibliography, in Times New Roman 12pt. font, double-spaced. I will promptly e-mail a list of good source books and articles to use. Other sources can be used as well, but at least three of these should be consulted. I have found all of them in the library or online databases (JSTOR). One resource is an anthology of articles (ed. by A.R. Littlewood) that seems to have many good articles on originality in Byzantine art in one place. The “R. Cormack, Byzantine Art (Oxford 2000)” book is one of the most widely reviewed and praised books on Byzantine art. Also a good one to consult. For tradition and convention in Byzantine art, emphasis on skill, craft and quality was a constant. This is where the A. Cutler book can help. Also, there was a complex language of color used througout the Empire, which is where the L. James book can help. Other traditions came in the way of standard iconography’s context and useage (though the iconographical language evolved throughout the empire and, as such, was innovative at times), and also secular art’s relation to antiquity (in imperial and private imagery) – coins, for example, bore the portrait of the emperor and circulated throughout the whole of the empire to reinforce his status and power as imperial imagery had long served this purpose.

I would like the first part of the paper to discuss traditions and conventions and the latter part to discuss the changing fashions and originality in Byzantine art. I hope I have provided enough for the writer to work with. Thanks!

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