This week review newsworthy information regarding a relevant healthcare issue in the areas of health promotion and lifestyle (review being overweight and unhealthy food choices). The potential topics within these subject areas are numerous, but should include issues involving how we as a society are embracing the need for lifestyle changes to improve our long-term health. Efforts are being made from the personal, occupational, and payer standpoints. You can also include issues involving the numerous goals present in these efforts??”reducing costs of healthcare for individuals and employers, preventative measures to lengthen healthy lives, improving appropriate utilization of scarce resources, and other similar issues.

Your assignment is to write a review of a particular issue (review being overweight and unhealthy food choices), clearly stating the identified issue or issues and the current and future impact it has upon our healthcare system. Include your opinion of the merits or problems with the subject in question.

Choose articles from a variety of media sources such as scholarly journals, magazines, and other periodicals, as well as reputable online sources that address one or more of the following questions:

* Should employee insurance premiums be based upon the results of health risk assessments or other risk assessment questionnaires? Why or why not?

* Should premiums be based upon prior employee health histories?

* Should premiums be based upon confirmed lifestyle choices that may result in conditions that have adverse effects upon health?

* Should employers be permitted to not hire individuals or sanction those employed for adverse health and lifestyle choices and practices?

2 page paper. NO QUOTES. 300 words per page and times roman 12 font