OPINION PAPER: SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME ? VIDEO link http://video.pbs.org/video/8

Watch thePBS documentary on the impact of the system of ?peonage? ? enslavement of African-American convicts in southern states after the Emancipation Proclamation that continued until the 1940?s.

The paper will include: (1) an introduction; (2) critical analysis and discussion of the issue including YOUR ideas, view points, thoughts, and position(s) on the issue with 2black perspective principles and, (3) a closing summary. I am particularly interested in your opinions and thoughts supported by research based documentation.

These questions must be answered:
(1)What are your thoughts on the impact this system had on the country during and after the system of peonage ended?
(2)What is its lingering impact on criminal justice today?
(3)How did it impact the perception of ?black? crime?
(4)Are there vestiges today?
(5)Were you aware of this system prior to this class?

Please share your thoughts and opinions