Answers to each question should be at least one typed page.
Double-space your work, and properly cite all your sources in APA format. Include a reference for your text,
other books, and for any web sites you use.

Essay Questions:

1. What were the significant contributions of James Cook, Matthew Maury, and the
Challenger Expedition? How did their contributions lead to a better
understanding of oceanography?

2. Compare three types of convergent plate boundaries (oceanicoceanic,
oceanic-continental, and continental-continental) and describe what happens at
each. Provide specific geographic examples.

3. What are the distributions of siliceous ooze and calcareous ooze and what are
the causes of these distributions?

4. What are the major features in an ocean basin with a passive continental
margin? Describe the processes which formed them. Compare these features to
ocean basins with active margins.

5. Describe several properties of water. How are the properties significant for