For this assignment you will be examining and writing about a series of documents that discuss the sit-down strikes in Flint, Michigan during the Great Depression. The above website tells the story of the strikes (which you will use as background), but also has audio clips of oral history interviews done forty years after the strikes occurred. The goal of this assignment is to have you consider both what these sources tell us about the Great Depression, especially the experiences of the workers for one of America’s most important companies, but also the nature of the sources themselves. Using the oral histories from the website, your paper needs to answer the following question:

Flint Sit-Down Strike Audio Gallery
Document transcripts are located at:

What do these oral histories tell us, and not tell us, about the Great Depression?

To complete this assignment, your paper should revolve around two sets of questions. The first is what these sources tell us about the experience of these workers:
– Why did people join the union and participate in the strikes?
– What was the experience of women during the sit-down strikes?
– Why was the union controversial?
– According to these documents, why was the strike successful?
– What was life like for the workers after the strikes?

The second set of questions is about the nature of oral history sources:
– What are the benefits of using these sources?
– What are the drawbacks?
– What type of story do they tend to privilege?
– What do they leave out?

please use the sources from website that i provided to you and a bibliography.
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