Strategic Organizational Communication Paper
The paper should be 6-8 pages long. Below in the
instructions, you will find that the paper is divided into three parts. The
relative lengths of the three parts should be as follows:
? Part One:
? Part Two:
? Part Three:
1 page minimum 4 pages minimum 1 page minimum
Preparation: to get an idea of how you might discuss strategic
communication in an organization, read ?Southwest Airlines: Social Media in
Action? on page 348 of your text.
Part One: Description of the Organization (I would like to use McDonalds, the fast food chain, as the organization I would like to write about)
Choose an organization (McDonalds) that you want to research and discuss. Describe the
organization (McDonalds) giving relevant background information. Make sure that you
identify the organization?s mission. This is most often found in a mission
Part Two: Strategic Communication in the Organization
Choose at least 4 but no more than 6 of the following aspects of strategic
organizational communication to discuss:
? Public relations
? Managing an organization‘s image or reputation
? Internal communications
? Public affairs and issues management ? Media relations
? Risk and crisis communication
? Marketing
? Integrated marketing communications
? The marketing mix
? Advertising
? Branding
? Relationship marketing and the use of marketing data bases
? Technology and strategic organizational communication Note that
descriptions of these aspects of strategic communication can be found
in chapter 10 of your text.

Part Three: Assessment and Recommendations
As a conclusion to your research on the strategic communication of the
organization you chose, make an evaluation of how effective you believe this
organization uses strategic communication. Is the strategic communication
very effective, somewhat effective, not effective, dysfunctional and/or
destructive, etc. Justify your assessment.
Make recommendations for how the organization could improve its strategic
communication (even if your assessment was that the organization used
strategic communication effectively).
Formatting Guidelines
? 12 point type size
? Double line spacing ? 1-inch margins
? Indentations at beginnings of paragraphs, with no space between
Documentation Guidelines:
If you incorporate sources into your paper, use standard APA or MLA
documentation style. Make sure that you have both in-text citations and a
references or works cited list at the end of the paper.