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My urgent need is to redo the conceptual framework chapter and develop a good methodology that will carry all the tools to answer the main and sub questions of the research.

The main question that this conceptual framework chapter will produce is

What structures are needed to implement organic farming on a country-wide scale ( Saudi Arabia).

the sub question no 1 Why are Switzerland and Denmark the best countries to look at for organicfarming implementations?

sub q no2 How did Switzerland implement organic farming ?

sub q no3 How did Denmark implement organic farming?

sub q no4 How are Swiss and Danish implementation methods similar and different?

sub q no5 which elements from the swiss and Danish implementation methods are best for Saudi Arabia?

This is what I want for the tme being but the writer should bear in mind that Chapter one has be upgraded to create the link between the two chapters.

Also the writer has to start this chapter with a half page introduction and end it with half page summary.

This chapter has define my conceptual framework very clearly before embarking in the full work of the chapter

The title should be size 16 bold and subtitles size 14 bold and the main body of the chapter in size 12.

please use the same format as the chapter one ( the one I attached yesterday)

They do not like any bull points…when necessary use a) ..b) c) or 1) 2) 3)

The number of pages should be in the bottom ( center)

I want it to done in 12 pages same as the credit I have and done in the same time span..

please us at least 15 related sources and references and use the same format as in chapter one,mostly books and related articles from reputable periodicals.

Let me know if the writer need more info and I will be sending some files later.This an important chapter and it it is done properly the flow of the next work will be somooth.

For now if I can communicate with the writer it would be great… I am nervous and want things to be done in excellent level from the start.

Best wishes to all.

It is going to be a big research project , and if the writer is competent I really have big surprise for him in store ..he has to know this but

the work has to be done very academically and professionally and hope that you support the great execution the whole project.

Thanks for ur support.

Please tell the writer that I am required to develop a good diagram to illustrate the main theme of my conceptual framework.

Chapter 1 ( introduction )attached with this email. It has been done by the previous writer very poorly. I had to put a lot of efforts to bring it to a good statndard but , I was heavily criticized by my comittee for the poor level of work I had done in chapter one, both in content and format.

They expect me to incluse my main research question in this chapter and bring it to higher level. They did not like the limited amount of recent referencs.
They emphasize the importance of not relying on online references and instead related books and articles ..etc.

Chapter2 Saudi Arabia With brief background about geographical, political and econmical current sitation and then talk about the current agricultural
activity and its current limitations…then talk in depth about the curent organic farming activities that are taking place right now and its limitations…this in the contexest and in harmoney with the main research question and subquestions..etc

chapter3 they asked to do my conceptual framework as chapter .

chapter 4 Literature Review…..covering Organic farming around the world….etc

Chapter 5 Literature Review ….Pros vs Cons of organic farming and and more in depth critical Literature Review

Chapter 5 Models ( two countries who are very advanced in Organic farming ( Switzerland and Denmark) as model to analyse and then develop a good model that will suit Saudi

chapter 6 Methodology

chapter 7 Results

Chapter 8 Discussion and Conclusion

Chapter 9 References

Chapter 10 appendix

Please let he writer be a ware that this type of research is famous of it holistic nature weather in the conceptual framework chapter and when sketching the methodology in this particular chapter…He must bear in mind that tools of the methodology such as interviews with designated officials in Switzerland , Denmark and Saudi Arabia and questioners to organic farmers in Switzerland,Denmark and Saudi Arabia. I would like to have samples of types of interviews included in this chapter one or two nice questioners geared to answer our main and sub question.

They stressed the importance of conducting a field work that is harmony with the holistic nature of the research.Remember that you can be as creative as you want to be in this section. I am very open to any level of creativity.

I know it is not an easy section of the research, but it is going to be the corner stone of our future work.

References and sources must be related books and recent articles in the field…small percentage of the sources and ref to be from online sources..this important to bear in mind from now.

Thanks to all of you and sorry for being nervous.

Before he proceed I should know. because I have to send him chapter one after I did my own revision. He will not be able to proceed before knowing what I have done in chapter one. And, I prefer that we do chapter two( brief description of Saudi Political and economical status quo,and its current Agricultural activity and describing its current organic farming activities. Then I it will be wise to go clearly to the conceptual framework chapter.

please send this to the writer and let me know his insight before proceeding.

Thanks and he does not need to worry about the bonus.

It is going to be big project and there is going to be big bonus. But quality of the work that is worrying me.

Take care and will talk later