Subject Report: Choose a bill to modify OSHA introduced in Congress within the past
10 years. Go to The Library of Congress THOMAS website then, on the “Search Bill Text” page,
under “Select Congress” click on “111” to search the bill text for the 111th Congress
(2009-2010.)” In the search text box, type in “occupational safety and health” and click
“SEARCH.” You’ll want a bill that has those words, i.e., Occupational Safety and Health,
in the Bills title.
NOTE: If the search for the current session of Congress is unsuccessful, under
“LEGISLATION” click on the “Search Bills and Resolutions.” Then type in “occupational
safety and health” in “Enter Search,” and under “Select Congress” click on one of the
previous sessions of Congress, e.g., 110th (2007-2008), 109th (2005-2006), etc., and
click “Search.”
When you have found one you wish to use, write a two page paper explaining
some of the proposed modifications (e.g., additions, deletions, etc.), including what the
proposed modification(s) would accomplish (i.e., purpose(s)), and who would the
modification(s) benefit? Use complete, grammatically correct sentences.
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