I would like something that correlates the Oresteia, the Bible, and revenge.
The text book we use is The Norton Anthology of World Literature Volume A second edition.

From the Professor:
Develop an evaluative response to one or more texts that you can relate to some common element, background, or theme.

Seize upon a key idea in the chapter introductions and debate it with the help of examples from 2 or more texts.

You might want to expand on the concept of myth as expressed by Joseph Campbell. Does it apply here?

Do Gilgamesh?s exploits fit into the “Hero Paradigm” that Campbell has created?

You might want to look at the characteristics and values found in ancient poetry.

Or you might want to explore the logic it the “Apology.” Do Socrates? accusers have a case against him?

Length: More than 2 pages

Format: MLA

Research: Optional