Hello Jonsmom2,

I will be sending you all of the documents to get you started on the (5) page term paper shortly via fax. “Please write the (5) page paper based strictly on what the questions/tasks are asking” and ONLY add the references from the material that is provided.

Important! Please read everything on the first, second, and third page of the documents that are faxed to you. Do not deviate from what the first 3 pages are telling you to do.

Please provide a well written (5) page term paper TITLED: Recruitment, Selection & Onboarding

Also, I need an introduction, body, conclusion and (3) references.

Lastly, I really need the (5) page paper NLT: 12 September 2011. Thanks!

There are faxes for this order.

Customer is requesting that (jonsmom2) completes this order.