I must identify a problem with my present employer in which I have. We have high turnover in our Customer Service Department. We also do not have a good on boarding for our new employees as they are given a binder and told to read it. Morale is down and there is lack of motivation. Our CSR department have to deal not only with the customer but other people such as our manufacturing department, our programming department, scheduling, compliance etc. and the job is very stressful.

I have to come up with a consulting project to assist them. The format is as follows:
Benchmarking/Best Practice Review of other companies etc.
Procdure (or Methodology)

Introduction-clearly state the problem, give an idea of the type of intervention and offer a proposal of the outcome of the project. This statement should be in some detail and state what I intend to accomplish. My goal is to establish an good onboarding process. Develop a OJT program which includes shadowing in each department that a CSR partners with with a check-off list upon completion. Develop some form of “Work Process for continuous improvement” and come up with some training and development modules that will assist them in how to handle dealing with difficult people, resolving conflict etc.
Benchmarking/Best Practices-??What are other companies doing with same or similiar situation? Explores how other researchers and writers understand the history, causes and scope of the problem. Explain how others have attempted to deal with the problems. What solutions did they attempt, and how effective where those solutions.

Procedures (or Methodology) Identify how will I carry out this project.