Exact Assignment:
PAPER – Explain Plato’s two worlds as described in the Phaedo or through outside research. Then explain the critical perspective(s) you use to analyze the fiction. Critical perspectives may include Christianity, post-Newtonian science and the imagination, or Jungian theory, or other perspectives from outside research. Explain the relationship between Plato’s two worlds and your chosen critical perspective. Then discuss Christabel, The Blair Witch Project, and “The Fall of the House of Usher” (all three of the works) in relation to your critical perspectives.
We are told the term paper must begin explaining the world of forms and the world of particulars from Plato’s Phaedo.
A critical perspective I wanted to use is the mysterious things that happen around us. Such as the way a ouija board works or the mysterious floating spheres that appear in pictures.
When using information on The Blair Witch Project, I would like there to be information on how Heather was affraid to close her eyes and how she was also affraid to open her eyes. I figure this has something to do with Plato’s world of particulars and world of forms.
I also would like references to how they did not want to use fire because of the occult reasoning behind fire and light.
Christabel, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, also uses fire references that I would like to include. The Christobel story also has the reference of being sensitive to light and it appears the girl is turning into a snake at the end of the poem.
With this paper being worth so much of a grade, would you be able to make it a detailed paper? She wants no fluff, meaning a whole bunch of meaningless stuff they usuall have at an introduction. It would also be helpful to compare Plato’s two different worlds (world of forms and particulars) to different beliefs of Carl Jung, such as his views on the Archetypes like The Shadow, The Anima or Animus, the Syzygy, The Child, The Self.

Our class reading of Carl Jung can be found at these websites:
This term paper needs to dig a bit into the occult world and look at the different symbols of the occult world in each of these books and movie.
Sources needed:
Christabel (poem)
The Blair Witch Project (movie)
The Fall of the House of Usher (short story)
Phaedo (story)

Possible sources:
At least one of the three websites on Carl Jung

This gives 5 of the sources I need. I need 3 additional sources.

We were not given specific instructions on the amount of quotations we need, but an average amount would be suficient.