reference page that includes an annotated listing of all of their sources. *An annotated bibliography, for this purpose, is one that includes your full reference in APA format, and is followed by a brief description or summary of how the resource is relevant to the topic of your paper.)

Each student will pick one personality theorist either featured in the text (Freud, Jung, Adler, Horney, Erikson, Allport, Cattell/Eysenck, Skinner, Dollard/Miller, Bandura/Mischel, Buss, Kelly, Rogers, Maslow, or May) or they may research one of the following theorists:

Anna Freud (Ego Functions)
Erich Fromm (Character Types)
Lawrence Kohlberg (Moral Judgment Theory)
Margaret Mahler (Object Relations Theory)
Henry A. Murray (Theory of Needs)
Fritz Perls (Gestalt Theory)
Jean Piaget (Moral Reasoning Stage Theory)
Julian B. Rotter (Social Learning Theory)
Students will perform in-depth research on their chosen theorist and present his/her findings addressing the following.

Background: Brief background of the theorist as it relates to the development of their perspective (four to five paragraphs).

Key Concept(s): A detailed explanation of the theorist’s key concept or most important contribution(s) to the field.

Human Nature and Individual Differences: A discussion of how this theory addresses the questions 1) how human beings are all alike, 2) how human beings are like some others, 3) how a human being is like no other human being.

Healthy Personality: A discussion of how the theorist conceptualized healthy and unhealthy personality development.

Research: A description of the theorist’s research methodologies.

Critique: A discussion of how the theory is accepted by other industry professionals.

Application: A discussion, with examples, of common practical applications of the theory.

Personal Response: A description of how the theory relates to the student in his/her everyday life.

This is a formal paper (not a list of responses or bullet-points, or an excessive number of direct quotes) in APA format, 8- 10 pages in length (not counting title page, reference list, or appendices), use of five or more references in addition to the textbook, and it must reflect the use of course content and critical thinking.

Writing the Final Paper

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