Create a persona narrative in the voice of the user or primary stakeholder that illustrates their experiences?and validates your idea. The goal is to visualize the users experience and to help us emphatically understand ?the experience of that persona. You may want to write in the voice of the user or be creative in conveying the?experience through other narrative methods including prose. No matter what the approach the primary goal is to convey?how the user connects with or benefits from your concept.

This persona should be someone who is buying woman clothes from a website similar to Imagine that website (I created and it calls and write the persona about the actions while she is buying something from that website and why she chooses besides gilt or any other competitors similar to gilt. (while defining the persona in her voice) Answer, why that person chose this website, and why is it good?
Person(who goes in that retail place)why do you care about that person, what does that person do about your idea. (my idea is to create an online website very similar to but only in woman fashion, but it should be better) so write what is gilt is lacking and what this website has more so that this persona choose to buy it from my website(make sure to explain it from her voice) Answer, Why does that person wants to shop from your online website (why does she need)
Also answer why does she prefers to shop online(maybe she doesn’t have to much time to go physically shopping, explain why)
– What problems do they face with other websites. Shopping online. General online shoppingexperience. (compare it with the physical shopping and why she prefers that)The problems while they are online shopping.
Improve what gilt is offering. Change it. Make it in a new way. (gift packaging) Make sure you write clearly what is lacking and maybe other competitors 1 page)
Since my English is not my native language use simple words. Thank you. And try to make it interesting from her voice.
If you use sources please make citations and put the website link.