Part 1- Annotated bibliography and synthesis
Part 2 – Research Paper
Part 3 – Works Cited

Explanatory Summary: Synthesizing and Paraphrasing Research Sources

Purpose: Synthesizing and paraphrasing sources for your research paper based on your annotated bibliography.

Format: 2-3 Pages ( 2 complete pages minimum; 12 point font, 1 inch margin all sides; typed and double – spaced; Title page and Works Cited page)

Specifics: For this paper, you will take the paraphrased information from your annotated bibliography (minimum of 15 sources), and write a summary of it. You will synthesize these main ideas, grouping similar philosophies, ideas, concepts, and statistical information together. You will also note any dissenting views or conflicting information that you have encountered.

I strongly suggest you use headings.

Annotated bibliography and synthesis:

Each entry in the annotated bibliography should contain the following information:

1. Bibliographic data as it would appear on the works cited page.
2. A one or two sentence summary of the subject (and thesis, if any)
3. A one or two sentence summary of each of the most notable points with regard to the topic (organic food)
4. Compose complete sentences.
5. Cite the information exactly as it will appear on the Works Cited page using MLA style.
6. Any pages from sources from which you quote or paraphrase must be highlighted.

Grading Criteria:

1. Clearly introduce the topic.
2. Do not misrepresent the author’s positions or findings.
3. Include all the author’s important idea’s, assertions, or findings.
4. Using linking words and transitional sentences for smoothness and logic and aviod plagiarism.
5. Have correct grammer, accurate punctuation, and flawless spelling.

Abstract from sample paper:

authors use the examples of how Courtney Thorne-Smith was starving himself and exercising constantly to compete with the star of the show, Calista Flockhard, and rendering herself weak and tired (Rowland 55; Rhodes 102). Sharlene Hesse-Biber takes it one step further in ” Am I Thin Enough Yet” by describing how the media is being used as a tool by cosmetic and diet and weight loss companies to increase their profits (535-37). Perhaps Nora Underwood sums it best when she states that “…what’s remarkable now is how profoundly body image is affected by popular culture, and how willing-no eager-people are to mess with Mother Nature” (par. 2)