I need a 10 page paper that explores the historiography topic of Oral History. It should use examples of oral history from different time periods to emphasize its importance. It should also discuss criticisms of the medium.

Instructor’s notes:
The paper shall be typed, double-spaced, and in a 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font and include a minimum of ten reference citations – taken from ten different source documents – and a list of works cited. Again, it is highly recommended that the reference citations and the list of works cited conform to the Parenthetical Reference form of academic citation as detailed in Turabian’s Manual for Writers of Term Papers. Although reference citations from primary or secondary sources other than the required course readings are permitted and encouraged, they too must be correctly formatted. As before, no more than one general internet source can be used for citation purposes, exceptions being the scholarly websites and documents available through other academic and governmental databases. And, again, for our purposes, Wikipedia is not considered a valid academic source.

While the research paper consists of several parts, there is no hard-and-fast rule about the length of each individual section, as this will be reflective of your particular topic and your individual approach to the issue in question. This said, generally the paper should consist of the following elements:
• Introduction: This section of the essay introduces the reader to the topic and to your particular historical interest in, or interpretation of, the topic.
• Thesis: This section includes your interpretation of your topic and in many cases concludes with a statement of your research question.
• The Literature: This is your review of the literature relevant to your thesis.
• Analysis of the Issue: This is the heart of the paper. It will include a discussion of the topic based on relevant literature and concepts discussed in the course. In order to prove the argument, you should document your statements with research in primary and secondary sources.
• Conclusion: What does it all mean? What does your analysis show? Commonly, conclusions restate the thesis statement and restate the argument made to support it.
• Works Cited: A list of the documentary sources cited in your paper.