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Hi here are some notes that I hope will help:

Problem Statement There are few literature about online shopping in Saudi Arabia and there is even less about adopting travel e-shopping in Saudi Arabia. Few people adopt travel e-shopping in Saudi Arabia. This created the research questions that are what are the characteristics of the onlineshoppers? And what are the factors that affect their travel e-shopping decision?

Research Objective

The research tries to understand the characteristics of the online shoppers
and to find the answers to the factors behind why they tend to use the
internet for travel e-shopping or not.

*Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) will be applied and I welcome any other
theory that covers the factors that I am going to study.
*The research will use the quantitative methods.
* Questionnaires will be posted on different internet sites.
* The research is looking to cover 200 individuals and will use the random
sampling technique.
* There will be analysis for the correlations between the factors that
affect the decision of travel e-shopping. These factors include (awareness,
trust, usefulness and ease of use)

* Hypothesis:
Few individuals have made travel e-shopping in Saudi Arabia due to different factors such as low awareness, trust, usefulness, ease of use.

*The recommendations will bebenefit the research marketing companies in understanding the factors associated with the adoption of travel e-shopping, thereby enabling airlines, hotels, rent cars and tourism companies to improve their strategies towards shopping online for current costumers and the future ones.

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