PART 1: Assignment

Before responding to this Topic, please complete the online survey located in the module (session 4-8). Online classes can be challenging for many students; there are specials concerns that do not apply to on-site classes.

In order to help you be as successful as possible in this class, I want to be able to support you in what your biggest challenges are.

Identify 2 challenges you expect to face specifically in the online environment in this class! For each challenge:
What can YOU do to overcome that challenge?
What could the instructor or other students do to help you overcome that challenge?

UPLOAD PART 1 OF THE ASSIGNMENT AS A .DOC OR .PDF FILE. (if you are using 2007, please save your file as a 2000-2003 file so others may open your attachment)

Post as a .doc attachment, preferably a MS-Word document. It is VERY important it has a .doc extension. If you are not using MS-Word to create your project plan, be sure you save your document in the .doc format so I am able to open your document. You can do this by clicking “Save As” and changing the format when saving. I know that many use Open Office, Google Docs and iWork Pages and saving with an .doc extension should not be an issue with these programs. Without the correct extension, I may not be able to open your document which will result in a ZERO for this portion of the assignment.

Part 2: Discussion Participation Response

Each follow-up post should include the following:
Suggestion/recommendation in fellow classmates’ efforts to overcome their challenges by using the materials covered in the module and media.
Identify action-steps classmates can take to implement their solutions.

Remember that a minimum of two discussion posts are required per week (one to the instructor and one to a peer). Making 2 posts per discussion will likely earn you a C; if your goal is an A or B, you should plan to make 3 – 4 detailed posts per discussion.