the paper must be at least 5 pages (double spaced)
-it must cite any sources of materials used to credit information found/used
-the research paper is about mythology and the topic I chose was the Olympics (the Ancient Olympic Games of Greece: the origins, traditions, myths of how it came about, the athletes, the games, what it all represented, the purpose of the games, the history, legends, up until how it remains today, etc.)
-The “mood” of the thesis statement that I have thought of is something like, “Although the OlympicGames is thought today to be a worldwide competition between the best athletes of the world from all countries, it actually has a real history that goes back to the days of Ancient Greece, where competing for victory was dedicated to the beloved Gods.”
– this thesis isn’t perfect but it is an example of the feeling I’m trying to get across to help you get a better sense of it