Please follow this format:
1) Development of behavior disorders (10pts) Discuss object relations theory about how symptoms develop and are maintained
2.) Gooals of object relations therapy (10 pts)
3.) The process of change in object relations theory (30pts) What therapuetic steps does this model outline in order to acheive the goals of therapy? Be specific about what occurs in the begining middle and termination stages of therapy within the object relations model.
4.) Therapeutic techniques (30pts) Describe two techniques commonly used in this model using the following format for each technique: a) description of the technique, summarizing the basic procedures that are followed b)purpose of the technique (includes how it relates to acheiving the goals of therapy described in #2) c) stage of therapy (beginnning, middle and end) where the technique is most useful.
5.)therapists role (10pts) how does your chosen model describe the therapists role in the therapy process?
6.) Personal reflection Describe how this model will be a good fit for you and a challenge for you and and may or may not fit with the population that you want to work with.
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