Need to cite and write from 4 different published papers/articles from journals and recent conference papers. The research paper should to talk about the topic of object orienteddatabases and the languages used in object oriented databases. For example, Java, C ++, Python, Ruby, Jade, etc. Example, so use a cited paper/article stating the use of language such as Java in object oriented database, need to summarize the article. This way need to write from 4 different published articles/papers with 4 different languages that covers the main topic of object orienteddatabase. Summarize from all 4 articles and need to write the research paper. Can use and interlate all 4 articles/papers and talk about others within the research paper, so the flow of the paper remains fluid. It is an in depth literature review in the area of object orietned database computing and performance. The paper needs to be summarized from articles in own words, from the preivous research work with more focus on the more recent efforts. With each article can summarize and write 2-2.5 pages, which would make it to 9 page paper. Please cite and reference the articles/papers. Articles/papers can be cited that are published in IEEE transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering, ACM transaction on Database Systems, other journals, and recent conference papers. You may also reference/survey implementation projects that reflect the use of the research outcomes.

Thank you for your help.