Obesity is a major problem in modern America. Who is to blame? A corporation? The individual? Society? Or is it really a matter of blame? After viewing the following sites, answer the questions and relate other examples, too, into the answers.

Web Research:

Go to http://www.gmabrands.com/. (This site is preferably viewed with Internet Explorer.) http://www.gmabrands.com/news/docs/Testimony.cfm?DocID=1274 is the expanded address for this topic and will take right there!

* Choose Public Policy from the top navigation bar.
* Select Priority Programs from the Section Contents navigation bar.
* Select Obesity from the list of Priority Programs.
* Read “2/18/04 GMA Testifies Before Vermont House Committee on Obesity“.


Compose an essay that answers the following questions:

1. What arguments are being raised by the Grocery Manufacturers of America?
2. Are they taking responsibility as contributors to the obesity epidemic? If yes, list them. If not, why not?
3. Are they recommending restricting access to unhealthy foods as an answer to the obesityproblem?
4. After reading this article, do you believe that it is the industry’s fault or should the burden of responsibility be on the consumer who is making the food choices?
5. Is it really a crime to offer variety and to allow the consumer to make a knowledgeable choice?
6. By analyzing the positive and negative repercussions of this particular release, present your opinion as to whether the action is a step forward or a step backward in the battle against obesity.

Some other sources for researching obesity are:


Essays are to be a maximum of two double spaced, one inch margins, 12 pt pages written in Microsoft Word