5 paragraph paper. Minimum 4 sentence paragraphs.

1st paragraph: Introduction, Topic (Politics), Focus (Obamacare-protecting pre-existing conditioned individuals), 3 prong thesis statement.

2nd paragraph – 1st prong

3rd paragraph – 2nd prong

4th paragraph – 3rd prong

5th paragraph – Conclusion

On a separate paper (3rd) write which sentence in 1st paragraph is the thesis statement, 2 connotations & 2 denotations in entire paper, a description sentence in each paragraph.

Professor wants me in an assertive voice speaking to the tax payers of the united states, explain the healthcare aspects of politics. The subject matter is Obamacare. I will show that along with this new law in the United States, placed in (year) taking effect in (year), it carries misconception. ——That’s part of the cover letter to the assignment so no recycling any of that.

I chose a particular which is something I can relate to. My father is a cancer survivor. If he were denied health coverage, due to his past condition, it would be terrible. It cant read like a research or history report. Definitely opinionated and informative.