Analyze the structure and basic rhetorical strategies in Olaudah Equiano‘s Narrative and compare them with those in Harriet Jacob’s Incidents in The life of A Slave Girl. What common features can you identify? Compare as well Jacob’s account of slavery with Equiano‘s to discuss the differences in their experience. How might gender exacerbate the condition of slavery?

THE THESIS MUST BE BOLDFACED! The paper is to conatain 1,300 words! Make sure the thesis is an argument. Paper must be in present tense. There must be a direct quote in each paragraph, except for the intro and conclusion. Make sure you set up the quotes by first introducing the speaker/writer, and page number. Example: Equiano says,”Say no to drugs”(Author’s name 405) . After you place the quote explain how the quote helps to prove your thesis. Write in standard English, do not use contractions or “you”. MAKE SURE THAT YOU INCLUDE THE WORD COUNT AT THE END OF THE ESSAY! DO NOT LIE ABOUT THE WORD COUNT FOR THIS WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC FAILURE!