In The Grapes of Wrath, the events in the central plot involving the Joad family are interspersed with interchapters, or intercalaries, which universalize the Joad’s situation. In The Old Man and the Sea, nearly all of the information is filtered through the stream-of-consciousness of Santiago, and the author remains completely outside of the narrative frame. All the King’s Menaligns past and present events next to each other through the use of extensive flashbacks to demonstrate cause and effect relationships. Absalom, Absalom! utilizes frequent shifts in point of view and setting to demonstrate how we utilize facts and information in our search for truth.

Compare are contrast these four different methods of narration. Include each of the following in the discussion:
1. A clear description of the type of narration used in each novel
2. The reasons why each author chose a particular type of narration as being most appropriate for telling his story
3. Specific instances and quotations from the novels which support and demonstrate the effectiveness of the narration
4. Select the method of narration that you feel is most effective in the novel in which it appears and defend your answer. Do not merely express your opinion but provide solid specific evidence to support your contentions.