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The debate over racism and the rise of multiculturalism have persisted as political, social and intellectual topics throughout the 1990’s. Critically examine and explain how the United States can consistently and effectively develop answers to the debate concerning multiculturalism. Examples to highlight this include:

In 1991, the Rodney King Beating resulted in riots across the city of Los Angelos. What did complaints did blacks have about this incident?

In 1994, the OJ Simpson murder trial divided the nation largely along racial lines, with blacks believing in his innocence and whites his guilt. Find details about the trial. What effects did racism have on his trial.

The Patriot Act has many wide ranging effects–most notably regarding multiculturalism in the United States. What are the criticisms and defenses of the Act? Are they legitimate?

Many websites (such as advocate the institution of English as the official language of the US. What arguments dows the site make to support its proposal? How does this policy respond to the growing diversity of the American population?