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The E-Commerce Marketing Plan (RESEARCH PAPER ON http://en-us.nielsen.com/)
Times New Roman – 12, double-spaced

Marketing Plan should provide specific examples of how you can reach your target audience by describing techniques that you can use to achieve these key strategic objectives:
? Reach and acquire new customers.
? Provide superior service to existing customers.
? Encourage regular site visits and additional sales.
? Measure the results of your marketing programs.
? Brand your company.
How the company might use many of these or other specific online marketing techniques in order to accomplish the key objectives listed above:
? Search Engine Optimization
? Paid Keyword Search Marketing
? Affiliate Marketing
? Reciprocal Links
? E-mail Marketing
? Online Advertising
? Social Networking
? Blogs
? Widgets
Proposed E-Commerce Marketing Plan Outline:
While the contents of an E-commerce Marketing Plan are unique to each company, here is the suggested outline for the Project. The outline might differ slightly depending on the chosen company, but should cover these key areas
1. Executive Summary ? a brief description of your eBusiness with a short summary of your marketing niche and Unique Selling Proposition. (5%)
2. Market Summary/Target Audience(s) ? a description of the main market you serve and the details of the target markets that you plan to reach (demographics, psychographics, lifestyles, unique characteristics, trends, etc.) (20%)
3. Competition ? a detailed summary of who your chief competitors are, what type of websites they maintain, and how your strategy will position your company and its products/services against them. (20%)
4. Specific Marketing Strategies ? the heart of your plan, showing how you will use specific onlinemarketing techniques (as noted above) to successfully market your E-Commerce business. (30%)
5. Measuring Success ? what are the specific criteria you will use to measure the results and success of your E-Commerce Marketing Plan? ? such as clickthroughs on certain pages, onlinetransactions, number of e-mail addresses captured each day, etc. (15%)
6. Summary ? finally, your plan should incorporate a wrap-up of your ideas by summarizing key thoughts, goals, strategy, and implementation. How you plan to meet timing objectives should also be summarized at this time. Also, recommendations as to future enhancements and additions can be part of this last section. (10%)