I would like to have the same writer for two papers. This is the first of the two, so I would like a writer who is familiar with eco-criticism or eco-feminism if possible.

Here is the class description:
This course will focus on the rich, complex, and evolving ways in which the natural environment has appeared in Western literary and cultural traditions, with a particular focus on American literature. Since the Greeks, “nature” and “the natural” have been fundamental yet highly unstable categories of human self-awareness, politics, and art. As a fertile representational resource for both authors and visual artists, the natural environment has figured centrally in our debates over philosophy, aesthetics, and culture, and in our moral and emotional lives. With that in mind, in this class we will work toward a fuller understanding of the literary and artistic meanings of nature.

This analytical essay (5 pages) will concentrate on one primary text, emphasizing close textual analysis. The main objective is to develop your own perspective regarding the material and to present a cogent, persuasive argument.

This essay will be written based on the close reading of books: Willa Cather’s O Pioneers!

My second assignment will be a 14 page research paper, using one or two primary texts (Cather’s OPioneers and/or Sarah Orne Jewett’s The Country of Pointed Firs) and will need secondary critical, theoretical and/or historical sources.

This paper is being written for an extremely overwhelmed and busy mom. Please let me know if I can have the same writer for the second paper. Thank you.