Stand-Alone Project: County Hospital Director of Public Relations and Ethics (300 points)
You have been appointed Director of Public Relations and Ethics at County Hospital. The hospital is facing several urgent situations regarding the following issues. (A 20-page, double-spaced, response is required.) (300 points)
1. Abortion
2. Germline Experimentation
3. Randomized Clinical Research
4. Rationing Health Care
5. Organ transplants
Part A: You are charged with preparing white papers on these topics. White papers present various positions, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each; they do not give or defend the author’s position. Using the Required Readings, your textbook, and articles and Web sites you find by doing your own research, write a two-page paper on each of the topics listed above. Include a bibliography formatted in APA style. (150 points) (10 pages)
Part B: You must also organize the hospital’s Ethics Committee to discuss these issues in depth and revise the hospital’s ethics handbook. As part of your work with the Ethics Committee, you must choose its permanent members, as well as members who will participate in discussing the specific concerns listed above. The permanent committee should have 6 to 8 members who reflect the ethical, practical, financial, administrative, and legal concerns of the hospital and patient advocacy groups. The permanent committee should be augmented by two (2) or three (3) additional members selected to deal with each particular issue (abortion, germline experimentation, etc.) For each of these members, give two (2) or three (3) concerns that they might have (lawsuits, finances, clarity of mission, life of fetuses, rights of mothers to choose, etc.). Then write a 2-page document describing the concerns that each of these members would likely bring to the discussion. Since you will want some diversity of opinion on the committee, you may include paragraphs that describe individual members’ qualifications with an explanation about why you want someone with those attributes. Then, draft three (3) questions that will guide Ethics Committee deliberations for each topic.
(75 points) (4 pages)
Part C: In addition to the white papers, you are charged with preparing 1-page summaries of your own position on each of these topics in the form of a flyer that clearly states hospital policy and the rationale behind it. (In real life, this flyer would state the position and rationale of your ethics committee.) Each summary should contain less than 300 words and should cover the main ethical issues that patients and their families might have. (75 points) (5 pages)
A suggested outline for these summaries is as follows.
1. State the position clearly in one paragraph.
2. Allot one paragraph for each ethical position, giving reasons for and against each of them.
3. Restate your position and give persuasive arguments for it.
4. Indicate that hospital personnel are available to discuss ethical issues with family members.
Please make sure the Bibliography is in APA format.